Catherine Deneuve and Luis Bunuel on the set of Belle de Jour (1967)

On seeing the 100% perfect girl one beautiful April morning


By Haruki Murakami (as collected in The Elephant Vanishes)

One beautiful April morning, on a narrow side street in Tokyo’s fashionable Harujuku neighborhood, I walked past the 100% perfect girl.

Tell you the truth, she’s not that good-looking. She doesn’t stand out in any way. Her clothes…

2,130 plays Now, Now St. Vincent Marry Me


I’m not your mother’s favorite dog
I’m not the carpet you walk on
I’m not one small atomic bomb
I’m not anything at all

Now, Now | St. Vincent

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Lovely and pretty Elli Medeiros.


Elli et Jacno - Le téléphone

Oh man Elli et Jacno are on tumblr. Amazed.


Les Rita Mitsouko - Marcia Baila